Books For Africa Supports 2022 World Health Day

Books For Africa has a longstanding commitment to supporting health care professionals on the continent of Africa. In line with this commitment, we are delighted to be supporting Global Minnesota as it presents its World Health Day symposium on April 7. The official theme for the day is “Accelerating Health Equity by Design.”

This enormous topic extends all the way from local grassroots issues to global policy initiatives. With its reputation for health care, organizations and companies based in Minnesota are in a unique position to share expertise in improving global health.  What projects around the globe can shape solutions that support developing health equity? How can the United States and Minnesota learn from global innovators? How can improving health equity increase sustainability and resilience of people that transcends borders?

Register now to hear the perspectives of local, national, and international organizations and corporations that provide leadership in health care, research, and policy. This event will be livestreamed, with links provided to registrants.

Books For Africa maintains a strategic partnership with Merck & Co, enabling it to distribute tablets loaded with the Merck Medical Manual mobile app. This year, Merck has provided BFA with a $150,000 grant to provide thousands of medical resource books to doctors, nurses and medical students across the continent.

It is our hope that these materials in the hands of medical personnel will help make people in Africa safer now and in the future, closing the health equity gap in a sustainable way.

You can read more about this free symposium and register here.