Merck Partnership Delivers Digital Medical Resources To African Medical Practitioners

Books For Africa has partnered with Merck & Co. to donate 52 tablets loaded with the new Merck Medical Manual mobile app!  These tablets were delivered by fellows from the State Department's Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI).  The YALI fellows were recently the guests of honor at our annual Kilimanjaro Society reception in Saint Paul, MN, and also volunteered at our warehouse in recognition of Mandela Day International on July 18th, 2017.  

Mr. Ryan Ballow, U.S. Embassy’s Political-Economic Chief, and Mr. Akebim (middle with t-shirt), surrounded by recipients: Dr. Bagassam Sama (far right), Dr. Constant Djiwa, (second from right), Dr. Sonia Tchaptchet (3rd from right), and medical student Estelle Tchasees (second from left).

Pictured above, YALI fellow Moise Akebim (proudly wearing his University of Minnesota shirt from his visit) presents recipient doctors with the new tablets at the U.S. Embassy in Togo.  The Merck Medical mobile app on these devices will provide invaluable resources to these doctors and other medical practitioners, particularly those in rural areas.  The portability of digital resources, which are pre-loaded on the device and accessible even with no internet connection, will allow those who practice medicine to have an entire library of resources at their fingertips no matter how remote the location.

Merck has long been a major BFA supporter, improving medical care in Africa by donating hard-copy Merck Medical Manuals, and sponsoring their shipment and distribution across the continent.  We are grateful to Merck for their ongoing support, and are excited by the opportunities that will come as digital content continues to open doors for medical practitioners in Africa.  We are proud to be working with Merck and the YALI fellows to implement this important initiative!