Books For Africa 2018 Recipient Feedback Survey

In 2016 Books For Africa implemented an enhanced post-shipment survey to improve the monitoring and evaluation process for container projects.  2018 marks year three of of the new survey, and the direct feedback from recipient continues to be critical in assessing the strengths of our programs, as well as guiding process improvement, creating the best possible outcomes for recipients.  As with the 2016 and 2017 surveys, we are pleased to know that recipients overwhelmingly rate BFA books as high quality, and agree that the books will be very useful in promoting literacy in local communities!

The 2018 survey, compiled by BFA Project Manager Erin Yates, includes feedback from 43 recipients from 25 countries across the African continent.  This represents a 48% jump in participation, and the second straight year that survey participation has increased.  We are excited to be learning so much from recipients, and this valuable feedback will benefit future BFA projects!

A 2015 World Bank report states that "no other input is likely to be more cost effective than making high-quality learning materials available to all students."  Recipient feedback allows us to make sure that we are sending the right high-quality, relevant materials, and that they are being utilized as effectively as possible by recipient schools and libraries.  Learn more about why we believe books are so important in empowering the next generation of African leaders, and how we know books make a positive impact on African education.