Books For Africa Container Recipient Survey Data

As part of Books For Africa’s ongoing monitoring and evaluation process, an enhanced post-shipment survey was developed for fiscal year 2016.  This direct feedback from recipients allows BFA to identify success points of our current programs, and helps pinpoint where we can improve our process to create the best possible outcomes for recipients.

BFA Project Manager Rachel Brady compiled post-shipment data from 27 recipient organizations, including secondary schools, primary classrooms, and community libraries, with the results detailed in the infographic below.  The results are encouraging, highlighted by 100% of respondents indicating that they believe the books they received will make a positive impact on their learning community.  While the majority of recipients indicated the books they received are relevant to the programs at their organization, there is room for improvement on this front as we continue to refine our process for providing each recipient with current, culturally relevant materials.

To learn more about how high-quality, relevant books impact education and literacy, see this collection of academic studies highlighting the effectiveness and efficiency of books as a tool in the fight against illiteracy and poor education.