Books For Africa 2017 Recipient Feedback Survey

2017 marks year two of Books For Africa's enhanced post-shipment survey.  This survey collects direct feedback from BFA recipients, allowing our team to assess where we have been most successful, and where there is room for improvement.  Last year's report brought great feedback and information, and we are proud to have 100% of respondents agree that the books received are relevant to their programs for the second straight year!

For this year's survey, 29 recipient organizations from 13 African countries completed the extended survey, up from 27 organizations from 12 countries last year.  We are pleased to see this increase in participation, and the valuable information gathered as a result. 

Additional feedback was received from 53 medical professionals in 7 countries who received tablets with a digital copy of the Merck Medical Manual through BFA's partnership with Merck & Co.  The Merck Medical mobile app on these devices will provide invaluable resources to these doctors and other medical practitioners, particularly those in rural areas.  Their feedback will allow this project, which was piloted this year, to continue to improve and make a positive impact on African health care.

A 2015 World Bank report states that "no other input is likely to be more cost effective than making high-quality learning materials available to all students."  Recipient feedback allows us to make sure that we are sending the right high-quality, relevant materials, and that they are being utilized as effectively as possible by recipient schools and libraries.  Learn more about why we believe books are so important in empowering the next generation of African leaders, and how we know books make a positive impact on African education.