Girls Empowerment Collection Reaches Pamoja Youth Initiative in Zanzibar

A Girls Empowerment Collection, sponsored by Luanne Nyberg and Julie Andberg, has arrived in Zanzibar. The collection went to the Pamoja Youth Initiative there, as part of a container shipment through the State University of Zanzibar! Pamoja Youth Initiative (PYI) was previously visited by Luanne and Julie, along with BFA Deputy Director Carole Patrikakos.

We recently heard from PYI Executive Secretary Mohamed Aliy with an update:

It was difficult for us to hand over the books to our library, which we are supporting, due to the COVID19 and since all schools are closed. After a long discussion, we have decided to hand over the books to our champion’s girls, who are undertaking leadership training in one of our projects, and it will be very helpful to them, since most of the books are focusing on women’s issues.

As you can see in the picture at right, PYI has also procured some personal protective equipment, and they are reopening operations with just a few volunteers at the office, while others work from home.

You can also see check out some video footage of the container shipment being distributed and unpacked below and on the State University of Zanzibar Library’s YouTube page!