Books For Africa Supplies French Books to Togo with Child2Child

Books For Africa has partnered with Child2Child to send books across West Africa. Their most recent shipment was a full container for Ghana, which included over 40 boxes of French books for orphans in Togo.

Child2Child wished to combat low secondary enrollment and high dropout and grade repetition rates by providing books to orphans across Togo who are easily overlooked. To do this, they turned to Books For Africa!

The journey from Ghana, where the books initially landed after their sea voyage, to Togo, was a 15-hour road trip ending in a very adventurous border crossing! You can read more about it in Child2Child's latest booklet online. The booklet gives abundant details about where the books were distributed as well as photos of the young ladies who created Child2Child and the students and adults who received the books.

Child2Child is currently fundraising for their next shipment, which will be exclusively French books, to Guinea! To learn more or donate, click here.