BFA Celebrates Mother's Day

Books For Africa supporters often sponsor the shipment of books to honor someone in their lives who inspired them to seek a better education, emigrate from their home countries to chase their dream, or exemplified service to others. Their honorees’ legacy lives in their own dedication to BFA’s mission to end the African book famine.

What better holiday to honor women leaders than Mother’s Day? In honor of women’s leadership, BFA created the Girls Empowerment Collection, a new set of books curated to inspire and affirm African girls. Details of how you can sponsor Girls Empowerment books in honor of a special woman in your life are below.

Some of our supporters shared the following about the inspiring women in their lives:

Fatima Lawson, BFA board member (pictured in yellow at right), writes about her friend and colleague: “Dr. Efe Agbamu (pictured in grey at right), who I admire for her steadfast belief in education, especially in the education of women and girls. Together with her husband, Mr. Atare Agbamu, they worked tirelessly to get books into the hands of kids in Africa. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Luleka Mkuzo, BFA book recipient in South Africa, writes about her mother: “We value books and learning because my mom comes from a very impoverished family. As a second born out of 8 children, 4 girls and 4 boys, she had to start fending for her siblings when their mother passed away, leaving them at a very young age. Their father remarried and paid attention to his new family. My mother saw education as the only weapon that could liberate them. She had to work and study to provide for her family and continue to study, send her siblings to school whilst continuing her studies. Today she has her Master’s. She was vital in getting the existing school in our rural community and she helped many get educated. I’m about to graduate with my Ph.D. all because I have a RURAL mother who understood the value of learning and ensured that not only her, but all those around her benefit from its fruits.”

Dianne Patrick, BFA Ambassador Circle member, sponsored a Girls Empowerment Collection in honor of Xarerine Bantari. Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Xarerine and her husband have raised 12 children who have gone onto to higher education. Dianne writes: “In honor of an amazing mother currently working as an RN in a St. Paul nursing home. Maternal energy and commitment at its best.”  (Pictured here at the high school graduation of her youngest son, Chris Rypa). 

Doris Pagelkopf, BFA Ambassador Circle member , writes of her mother Gudrun Blager: “This is in memory of my mother who taught me the love of books, taking me to the Hopkins library twice a week because we read so much. Books have opened the world for me and allowed me many adventures.”

BFA Board Member Paul Musherure paid tribute to his mother, Jane Rwakitarate, writing, "In her past she was a girls secondary school teacher and has emphasized education for girls all her adult life. To this day, she encourages and supports several girls with their education in our rural home district in south western Uganda. Happy Mother's Day!"

Lane Ayers, Director of BFA's Jack Mason Law and Democracy Initiative, said "I'm fortunate to have so many present and future moms in my life. Books can help girls in Africa have the same opportunities that my beloved ones have. Happy Mother's Day!"

Elise Anderson, Peace Corps Volunteer in Eswatini, writes: “We would be absolutely honored to accept books focused on female empowerment. This year we wanted to highlight literacy by focusing on girls as the target population. The other BFA director and I are so excited to work each day towards a brighter future for the girls and young women of Eswatini. Thank you for thinking of us as well. We look forward to the books coming and the amazing impact that it will have for our students in general.”

These are just some of the stories about people being honored this Mother’s Day. We invite you to sponsor books in memory or honor of a special mother. They will receive an ecard or a handwritten notecard, and their name will be printed on the box label of the Girls Collection that ships to Africa. You can do so here:


mail a check to 717 Prior Avenue N., Ste. B St. Paul, MN 55104

**Be sure to include a note about who you are honoring.

Please call the BFA office at 651-602-9844 with questions.