African Development University Enhances Library with Shipment from BFA

BFA was pleased to hear from the Office of the President at African Development University, which was launched in Niger in 2017 and which received a container from Books For Africa earlier this year!

Not only has A.D.U. opened a new campus this year, but they also have a new 20,000+ book library that was built from the container shipment received from BFA. According to the university’s latest newsletter:

“Currently, A.D.U. has one of the top well-stocked libraries in Niger, and perhaps in the entire Sahel region. This has provided immense resources to our students, faculty and staff in terms of conducting research, as well as having access to learning materials.”

A.D.U. expressed a hope that they will continue to add to and update their collection, making their library a one-stop-shop for quality journals, books and research materials across the Sahel.

Check out pictures in our slideshow below or on our Flickr page or read more in the latest A.D.U. Newsletter!

African Development University