Books for the Bright Future Generation of Sidama - (Mulugeta Woldetsadik, Hawassa University) – Ethiopia

Project Goal: $12,300

Current Progress: $4,076 (33.00%)

The BFA-HU partnership project aims to alleviate the shortage of supplementary reference books on various subjects in primary and secondary schools in order to support the ongoing teaching and learning process in the Sidama region of Ethiopia. The initiator of this collaborative project is Mulugeta Woldetsadik, librarian, current fundraiser and coordinator of the BFA-HU partnership project at Hawassa University, Sidama region, Ethiopia.


The BFA-HU partnership project aims to furnish books and computers to primary and secondary schools, particularly in rural areas of the Sidama region, Ethiopia. This is why we are currently running an official online fundraising campaign in partnership with Books For Africa on the official Books For Africa project page. The money raised will be used to ship (shipping fee) donated educational books on various subjects and computers directly to the Sidama region of Ethiopia.

Books provide students with opportunities to learn imagine new possibilities and independently shape their own future. This project aims to improve the quality of education, cultivate and maintain students' reading habits, and enrich students' intellectual, aesthetic, cultural and emotional growth.

The school teacher in charge of the library guides students to read books inside the primary school library, in Sidama region, Ethiopia

Without books, education is difficult. School libraries help teachers teach and students learn. Books can change the quality of education and increase literacy rates.


The target beneficiaries are all students learning and teachers teaching in primary and secondary schools in Sidama National Regional State of Ethiopia.

Map of Ethiopia showing the Sidama region, where the BFA-HU partnership project will be implemented


Once the project goal of 12,000 USD (shipping fees) is reached or addressed through fundraising, the donated books will be sent to the Sidama region of Ethiopia. The coordinator and fundraiser of the partnership project and Hawassa University will be responsible in collaboration with stakeholders, specifically the Sidama National Regional State Education Bureau, so that the donated books can be delivered or distributed to project beneficiaries in Sidama National Regional State of Ethiopia.

The initiator or fundraiser coordinating the partnership project, whether residing in Ethiopia or abroad, is responsible for fundraising or professional-related activities of the BFA-HU partnership project with the main host partner Books for Africa and its parent institution Hawassa University, until the project goal is achieved and the donated books will reach the Sidama region, Ethiopia through the port of Djibouti.

Therefore, we can’t achieve our project goal and be successful without your help!

We invite all interested philanthropic individuals and international fund donors NGOs & governmental organizations at home and abroad, the Diasporas, particularly the Sidama Diasporas; your donation will have a great impact on primary and secondary school students/boys and girls in the Sidama region of Ethiopia and will be used to improve the quality of education.

You are earnestly requested to DONATE ONLINE by clicking the “Donate Now” button found at the top of this BFA-HU partnership project page.

We appreciate you in supporting the BFA-HU Partnership Project.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Mr Mulugeta Woldetsadik,
Outreach Librarian/Information Professional  
BFA-HU Partnership Project Manager and Fundraiser in Ethiopia 
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Hawassa University, Sidama Region, Ethiopia