AASDO -ESAN Books for Ethiopia Project (Dr. Abebe Kebede) - Ethiopia

Project Goal: $16,300

Current Progress: $8,844 (54.00%)

Communities of the AASDO Mission, The Ethiopian Scientific and Academic Network (ESAN) and now Ethiopian Educators Without Borders (EEWB) have been very active in securing educational support for school, colleges and universities since 2009.  We have made successful shipments of books, computers, and supplies for a large number of schools in Arsi-Asela, in Gondar, Semein Shewa and Wello regions. Our community must wake up to the realities, that about 99% of the schools in Ethiopia have no library, and more than 57% of the people over the age of 15 are illiterate.   We must educate and we must support.  Supporting schools in Ethiopia is a humanitarian matter. Several schools and universities have been destroyed by war in many administrative regions. To begin with, most of the affected schools have lost even the little they have.  The Ethiopian community and friends of Ethiopia are faced with huge challenges to rehabilitate the affected communities and their schools and their playground.  The AASDO, ESAN and EEWB community members are spread throughout the world.  You are expected to play a vital role in identifying needy schools and participate in aggressive fundraising efforts.  

Please donate!  Let’s help humanity rise through education. Your donation to this project and future projects will impact more than one million students, their schools and their communities. 

As it is told “the Oceans Began With a Drop of Water”, or “One Man 50 Lemons become a Load, but for 50 people they are like ornaments”;

Let’s help each other in this large scale project.

Our plan is to raise funds to ship 5 or more containers of books, used computers and used sport’s gear and soccer balls.  The beneficiary schools are clustered around universities for seamless logistics and communications.  The current for this shipment include

  •   Semara-Afar Schools
  •   Wollo-Shewa Schools
  •   Asela-Arsi-Bale Schools 

The books will be distributed to schools where the logistics of the acquisition and delivery are considered smooth and reliable. In addition since this a shared container priority is given to schools whose advocates participate in fundraising and marketing the project.  AASDO, ESAN and EEWB will treat all schools equally. Please become an advocate for your former schools.


Dr. Abebe Kebede,  Greensboro, NC
Email: Abkebede@gmail.com
Phone: (336) 941-7040

Dr. Abebu Kassie ,  EEWB/ESAN Youth Coordinator
email: abebamar@gmail.com

Ms. Aida Hussien
Email: hussein.aida @Ymail.com
Phone:: 617 314 5458

Mr. Getachew Dessiye
Email: dessiye@gmail.com
Phone: 780-292-2754

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