Books For Africa Founder to Hike Eagle Mountain to Support Literacy in Zimbabwe

Books For Africa founder Tom Warth is organizing a fundraiser to ship books to Zimbabwe!  Tom plans to hike Eagle Mountain, the highest elevation in Minnesota at 2,301 feet.  This will take place Sunday, May 26, 2019  Participants will combine fundraising efforts, with a $12,000 goal to fully fund a 40 foot ocean container of books to be distributed to schools across Zimbabwe.

Warth, who in 2016 celebrated his 80th birthday with a fundraising walk across Zanzibar Island, has also traversed The Gambia, scaled Mount Kilimanjaro, walked across Minnesota, Wisconsin, and from the Canadian border to Iowa, all to promote literacy in Africa.  Tom continues to inspire generosity and spur action with his commitment to ending the book famine in Africa.  

If you are interested in supporting Tom's Eagle Mountain walk you can support the fundraising teams through the event page.  If you would like to join Tom on this hike, learn more about fundraising and forming a team here - it's sure to be a great time, and is going to a great cause!  Please email Tom directly at with questions about participating.