Books For Africa Partnership Distributes Books in Ghanaian Schools

As hard as the Covid-19 pandemic has been this last year in the Western world, it has had unique challenges for certain parts of Africa. In Ghana, where internet connections for young people can be either nonexistent or just too expensive for them to afford, some young people are left home with little to do or getting involved with potentially harmful hobbies like gambling. As BFA Board Member and Container Captain Matilda Arhin said, “The pandemic has brought about an unspoken danger with a long term implication for the youth in developing and underdeveloping nations.”

Books For Africa was recently joined by partner Vector Global Logistics for a new container project. Vector normally works as BFA’s shipping and logistics provider, but in 2020 they decided to sponsor a container of books to Ghana. With contributions of their time and money, and support from fourth-term Ghanaian Member of Parliament Hon. Armah Kofi Buah, the books made it overseas and were distributed to 4 of Ghana’s 16 regions.

This partnership represents a monumental effort to bridge the gaps exacerbated by the pandemic, with over 24,000 books in this container shipment going to reach as many students as possible. Said Matilda Arhin, “These books have become the only education experience some of these youths have access to right now.”

Books For Africa is pleased to have facilitated this massive effort in support of education in Ghana!

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Vector Global Logistics - Ghana, 2020