Unite For Africa Club Collects and Ships 3,550 Books to BFA Warehouse

In December of 2020, Books For Africa received an email from the Unite For Africa Club at Darien High School in Connecticut, a group that has a history making donations to countries like Tanzania. They anticipated collecting about 200-250 books to send to the BFA warehouse.

They ended up collecting 15 times that!

The group’s book drive ended up collecting 3,550 books in total! They were collected in one week, and over subsequent weeks the group worked to transport them to a garage and pack them for shipment.

With the generous support of Frank Futie (Owner of Rented Truck Driver), who transported the books to Georgia, and Penske Truck, who provided a vehicle, these 3,550 books made their way to BFA’s Marietta warehouse, arriving on March 2.

The club has also been working with Vavala’s Deli to hold bake sales to raise money for Books For Africa to help its book shipping efforts.

Said Club President Colette Quinn: “The collaborative effort of multiple teams is what it takes to make an impact. We are very grateful!”

These high school and middle school textbooks, including math and science books, will be greatly beneficial to BFA recipients! We can’t wait to get them packed and shipped out to students in Africa who are ready to read!

3,550 books collected by book drive
Unite For Africa Club members in Penske truck
Unite For Africa Club shipment unloading in Marietta, GA, March 2, 2021