The National Bar Association Sends Law and Human Rights Books to Ghana

NBA President Mavis T. Thompson, NBA Vice-President Daryl Parks, and Justices of the Ghanaian Supreme Court.

In June of 2010, a delegation from the National Bar Association, led by NBA President Mavis T. Thompson, witnessed the distribution of a BFA shipment of books sponsored by their organization. The Ghana Bar Association received a West core law library, and the Ghana Human Rights Commission received a collection of new human rights books, all generously donated by Thomson Reuters.

The shipment also contained over 18,000 BFA text and library books, which were distributed to schools and libraries in the central region of Ghana. For NBA President Mavis Thompson and other members of the delegation, the highlight of their trip was a visit to Abiriw, Ghana, a small village that received enough BFA books to fill their entire library. Thompson tells the story:

From left: Fibbens Koranteng, NBA member and native of Abiriw Village; NBA President Mavis T. Thompson; and NBA board member Ronda F. Williams with children on steps of Abiriw Village Library. “We were received by the Village King and other dignitaries in a libations ceremony and then led through the streets of Abiriw with our delegation and villagers to the town library, where we were greeted by many of the children who would benefit from the book donation. When we walked into the library, to our delight we saw boxes marked ‘Books For Africa’ stacked to the ceiling. It was at this moment that we realized we were not only making a donation of books there, but would be filling their entire library with new books. The village leaders were so excited to have us that they invited the local press and we were interviewed and photographed for a story. For many of us this was the highlight of the NBA International Affiliates Meeting and we will remember it for years to come.”