The Africa Committee of the American Bar Association, Thomson Reuters and Books For Africa contribute books to the Ghana School of Law

Yvonne Fiadjoe presents Black’s Law Dictionary. (Foreground: Her Ladyship Mrs. Georgina Theodora Wood, Chief Justice of the Republic of Ghana. Background: Director of the Ghana School of Law, Mr. George Sarpong and to his right, Mr. Martin Amidu, Former Attorney General of the Republic of Ghana)
The Ghana School of Law (GSL) , located in Accra, Ghana, is one of the top law institutions in Africa. More than 5,000 lawyers have graduated from GSL since it first opened its doors. However, budget and resource constraints have hindered institutional development until recently.

Thomson Reuters provided a West Core Law library of almost 400 new latest edition legal texts to the GSL. This donation was made possible in part by the tireless effort by Yvonne Fiadjoe and the support of the Africa Committee of the American Bar Association International . It was a project of the Jack Mason Law & Democracy Initiative of Books For Africa. The West Core Law Library was sent as a part of a shipment of 22,000 books to the Ghana Library Association .

The GSL is also proud to announce that the formation of the GSL Alumni Association. The Association will be run by a newly appointed, six-member committee and Ms. Gloria Akuffo, a legal practitioner, will act as committee chair.

Chief Justice Examining the Books with Martin Amidu (Also pictured: Nana Fredua Owusu Agyeman, Registrar of the Law School and Nene Amegatcher, Member of the ABA's SIL Africa Committee and Lecturer at the Ghana School of Law) Chief Justice Mrs. Georgina Theodora Wood served as keynote speaker at the inauguration ceremony in Accra in January 2012. Mrs. Wood noted that alumni are major contributors to educational development and funding worldwide. An alumni association will create the necessary forum for networking and collaboration among GSL graduates to develop programming, outreach, and fundraising. The Association will offer great potential for change for the GSL by shifting leadership to individuals affiliated with the school.

The donation from Books For Africa and formation of the GSL Alumni Association will benefit Ghana for generations to come by offering better training for future lawyers and promoting the rule of law.
You can read more here about Yvonne Fiadjoe and her experience with the GSL or the inaugural ceremony and the Alumni Association Committee.