BFA-supported Library in Ethiopia Reaches Half a Million Visits

In 2013, a BFA-supported library project was launched in the town of Nedjo, in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. The head librarian provides reports on library utilization every couple of years, and we’ve recently received the 7-year report!

The report includes some encouraging and interesting data for BFA and its supporters, with a total of nearly half a million visits over the seven-year period.

Said Past BFA Board President Jote Taddese, “For me, the Nedjo public library project is a great reminder of what is possible when a community of students and educators get access to books in a library setting. I envision a future where every urban and rural community in Africa has access to a library stocked with books.

The head librarian also noted that female library users are still lagging behind their male counterparts, primarily due to lack of encouragement, self-confidence and domestic/family responsibilities. And, although the library has been outfitted with DSL internet connection, they are hoping to fill their space with more computers in the future.