Moroccan Students Hone Their English Skills Thanks to OPEC Grant

Moroccan Students Hone Their English Skills Thanks to OPEC Grant

A student in Morocco who is benefiting from a BFA shipment sent thanks to generous funding from the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID).

Thanks to a generous grant from the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID), Books For Africa sent approximately 22,000 books to Al Mansour Dhahbi Secondary School in Morocco in 2009. Mr. Mustapha Walaf, Secondary School EFL Teacher, oversaw distribution of the books to his school and other neighboring schools. In January 2010, BFA Executive Director Patrick Plonski visited the recipient schools accompanied by Mr. Walaf.

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View lots of great photos and video of the book distribution on Mr. Mustapha Walaf's site.

View a short clip of a student at Al Mansour Dhahbi Secondary School talking about what the books mean to her.

Regarding the BFA shipment, Mr. Walaf stated: “When I arrived to my city after a long complicated journey concerning clearing the container off the port, I received many congratulations messages from different people in my community. The kids and students are also very happy to see a treasure of quality books sent to them by an organisation based in the Unites States of America called “Books For Africa”. We all very grateful to you for providing us with such a rewarding and fruitful great amount of books to help us foster the English language and the America culture in our region in particular and in Morocco in general.”

Classroom students in Morocco who received BFA books.Mr. Walaf was seen as a hero by many of the book recipients, including Abdeslam Jaanine, who said, “You [Mustapha Walaf] have really made history in Ksar Kebir by securing that huge amount of reading stuff in behalf of our students to quench their thirst for reading and knowing.”Gena Rhoades representing the U.S. Embassy, Parickt Plonski with Books For Africa, Mr. Jaanine Abdessalam of the Ministry of Education, Mustafa Walaf from Al Mansour Dhahbi Secondary School, and students outside a school in Ksar el Kebir, Morocco.