Girls Empowerment Collection Distributed in South Africa in Time for Women’s Month

BFA recently heard back from Rethabile Sonibare, the founder of Molo Mhlaba Girls Montessori School in South Africa, who is starting to unpack a recently shipped Girls Empowerment Collection just in time for Women’s Month in South Africa! The school also received a container of books, a computer lab, and The Kent Merkey Memorial Library.

As Rethabile was starting to unpack the books, she wrote: “I’ve finally had occasion to open the box as it’s a treasured collection for me. August is women’s month in South Africa and so today we have a team briefing about the books and how we will introduce them in class…. Thank you again for this amazing gift.”

The picture at right above shows Xoli Fuyani picking up a box of girls’ empowerment books. Xoli takes kids from the townships into nature on the weekends in her free time. She also teaches dance in the Cape Town area. The box of books was curated for her by Books For Africa and delivered via the container shipment to Molo Mhlaba Girls Montessori.

Check out our Flickr album showing pictures of these books, or our slideshow below!

9 Miles/Molo Mhlaba - South Africa