Mayor Attends Book Distribution in Kitwe, Zambia

Distribution is underway for a recent container shipment of 22,000 books in Kitwe, Zambia! The container was funded by Buchi Kamitondo Childhood Foundation through Container Captain Grace Muyoma.

The Buche Public Library in Kitwe published the below news report depicting the restocking. The Mayor of Kitwe, Christopher Kang’ombe, officially received the books on the library’s behalf.

Dominic Muswala, vice-chairperson of Buchi Kamitondo Childhood Foundation, flagged off the distribution of 22,000 books to various schools in Kitwe’s Buchi and Kamitondo townships.

Said Dr. Muswala, “Books open imagination. So today, we’re not just handing over 22,000 books, but 22,000 dreams. Dreams that you can pursue; dreams that can make you more successful, open-minded, stronger, and better people.”

Read more about book distribution in local newspaper The Mast, which spoke to Dr. Muswala on the occasion!