BFA Partners Distribute Books Across Kenya

BFA partner Maktabas Inc. (Maktaba means "library" in Swahili) and Container Captain Louis Brownstone have been hard at work distributing books in Kenya over the past month!

Here are just a few of the stops they've made:

  • Melon Mission near Nakuru town, a center for orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya, where they left about 25 boxes (1500 books).
  • Pamoja Community Library, where they dropped off a donation of over 8,000 books. The library is used by kids and adults from the nearby communities.
  • The Dadaab refugee camps, with a population of over 200,000 refugees, where they dropped off about 17,000 books, in partnership with Abdullahi Mire of the Dadaab Book Trust. Maktabas reported that they "can't wait to report on the progress of the library as soon as it's completed and shelves stacked with books."
  • Samburu Girls Foundation, where they dropped off 300 books to support the mission of making the world a safer place for pastoralist girls in Kenya by providing life opportunities and psychological care.

In March 2019, BFA staff were able to visit in person to see Maktabas' work on the ground. The current shipment left our warehouse in September and arrived in December, just in time for end-of-year holidays and a great start to 2020!

Check out our slideshow of photos from distribution, or our partner Maktabas' Instagram account!

Maktabas/Louis Brownstone Distributing Books in Kenya