Students in California Collect Over 3,100 Books For African Recipients

The KnowledgeSeed Foundation, a high school student organization based in California, set out a goal in 2021 to collect 1,600 books that they would ship to the BFA warehouse in Marietta, GA, for donation to stock the shelves of African schools and libraries.

They not only met their goal, but exceeded it, with over 3,100 books donated so far.

The students were methodical in their book drive process, seeking donations not just from personal contacts but also the broader community, going to schools and libraries to seek books in good condition that meet BFA guidelines.

They chose to partner with BFA for the reassurance that the donated books would be put to good use by learning communities in need, while also saving time and expenses. As the students wrote, “By initially partnering with this organization, we can cut down on the international shipping costs since the books that we gather will be shipped to their warehouse, located in Georgia. This partnership will also allow us to save time as well, since we'll be focused on the gathering of the donations and contributions, rather than having to also deal with contacting specific schools and libraries in Africa.”

To read more about this student organization and the work they are doing, check out their website.

The KnowledgeSeed Foundation's goal for 2022 is to donate 10,000 books.