Jump Africa: Konvict Records Executive, Fotemah Gives Back to Africa

Fotemah Mba is the son of an educator and diplomat from Cameroon, West Africa. Because his father was a diplomat, it afforded him the opportunity of traveling to different countries such as Belgium and Algeria, including New York City, just to name a few. When his parents decided to retire in Africa, they sent Fotemah to Atlanta, Georgia to further his studies

Fotemah joined an organization called Books For Africa. He had to carry on the task of obtaining $20,000 in order to ship 22,000 books and supplies back home. Friends turned him down and doubted the project, but Fotemah firmly believed in his mission. It was an arduous journey, but he accomplished his goal of raising $20,000 and shipping 22,000 books and supplies back home. He was not only able to raise that money and send the supplies, he was also effective in establishing two learning centers. After his next visit home, he felt compelled to do even more, because there were a great deal of children in need.