Books For Africa donates 22,000 books for help2read learners and Literacy Tutors

Help2read’s primary school learners and Literacy Tutors in Wemmershoek received an amazing gift today in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Books For Africa: a book of their own to choose and take home!

Visiting Wemmershoek Primary School today, the Books For Africa team arrived to the joyous sound of children singing as they participated in a reading club session hosted by help2read’s Literacy Tutors. The school received 40 boxes filled to the brim of exciting books from leisure reading to phonics exercise books for teachers. Each of the 440 learners at the school was unable to contain their excitement as they were invited to choose their very own book to take home and keep. Asking again and again, “You mean I can keep it and not bring back?”, the learners found it very hard to make a decision of which book to choose out of so many wonderful options.