Memorial Library Shipment Arrives in Tanzania

Elsey Kirabo

A shipment recently arrived in Arusha, Tanzania with an Elsey Kirabo Memorial Library! Although schools are not in session at this time due to the coronavirus pandemic, teachers like Bertin Sulle (pictured in the slideshow below) were called to the Tloma Primary School to help unpack and set up the books for when the schools open again, and they provided some pictures from the unpacking.

The memorial library was started in honor of Elsey Kirabo, who was born with "designer genes" (more commonly referred to as Down Syndrome) to Ugandan parents, and joined the Peterson family as an infant. She had an outgoing personality and the ability to make everyone she met smile. Kirabo means "gift" in the Lugandan language, as Elsey was a gift and a blessing to all who knew her in her 11 years of life.

A friend of the Petersons, Andrea Wall, set up the project and was among many who knew and loved Elsey. She and the Petersons hope the library will continue Elsey's legacy of joy and giving, by providing Ugandan students with tools for education and introducing them to the delights of reading.

Check out our slideshow below with more pictures from the shipment, or watch a video of the truck arriving at the school!

Elsey Kirabo Memorial Library/Heart to Care, Tanzania, 2020