Books For Africa E-reader Initiative Set To Launch

Books For Africa’s new E-reader initiative is set to launch, with initial pilot sets going to recipients in East, West, and South Central Africa.  With cultivated content specific to each region, the E-reader initiative will offer a unique opportunity to put regionally appropriate titles in the hands of students who are eager to read.  

The E-reader initiative will utilize state-of-the-art tablets, and will come with protective cases and screen shields.  By loading the content on a tablet rather than a dedicated E-reader device, users will have access to all the other functionality and tools that tablets offers.

The digital content, provided through BiblioBoard’s “African Books Collective” module , includes fiction, poetry, and culture from local authors, as well as history, law, and political content specific to the region.  

BFA Database and Development Coordinator Erin Yates works to prepare and catalog Samsung Galaxy tables for shipment to Africa.

The E-reader initiative will offer three unique collections based on region:

  • The East & North Africa collection will include 153 digital titles
  • The South & Central Africa collection will include 169 digital titles
  • The West Africa collection will include 195 digital titles

All regional titles will come pre-loaded on the device, allowing constant access to content without needing internet access.  Recipients that do have internet availability will also have access to all 400+ African Book Collective titles when connected.  

We are excited to offer this cultivated content as a supplement to our hard-copy book shipments, and will continue to asses and improve the program as we receive feedback from our pilot recipients.  Please contact us at with questions or for more information on the E-reader initiative or BFA shipments.