Working Towards a Book for Every Pupil in the Dadaab Refugee Camps

Abdullahi Mire's goal is to put a book in the hands of every child in the Dadaab Refugee Camps in Kenya.

Having lived in the camps himself, he observed firsthand that "children caught up in conflict will either become peacemakers or peace breakers. The difference is the opportunity they get while in the Camps."  Although the camps include 22 primary schools and six secondary schools, children often have to share resources with large groups of other students. Ultimately, less than 3 percent of children from the Camps quality for universities, and Mire aims to change that by working in partnership with Books For Africa to provide more reading and education resources.

This December, Mire is providing 20,000 books, supplied by Books For Africa to start a Dadaab Camp community library. He is optimistic that the books will give students more opportunities to learn and a pathway to a better life.