Course Hero, Books For Africa Partnership Eclipses 250,000 Books Delivered to Gambian Schools

Our friends at Course Hero have reached an extraordinary milestone, officially surpassing 250,000 books donated to BFA partner schools in The Gambia!

These books, donated through Course Hero’s Knowledge Drive initiative, are having a direct impact on the lives of students there, giving the next generation of Gambian parents, teachers, and leaders the tools they need to excel in school.

Books For Africa Executive Director Patrick Plonski, discussing the impact that Course Hero has had on BFA's ongoing efforts to end the African book famine, notes that "Course Hero has become one of our most consistent and substantial donors over the past several years, and is the top donor for our 1 Million Books for Gambia project. We truly appreciate their extremely generous support resulting in the shipment of over a quarter of a million books to Africa since the beginning of our partnership in 2010."

The dedication that Course Hero employees, interns and student managers have displayed in creating a positive impact on global education has driven this success.

Verina H., Knowledge Drive participant Baruch College in New York, shares that “being part of the Course Hero Knowledge Drive means I am a part of a bigger story that fits into the world of giving back.  As a college student, it is sometimes hard to find ways to make a difference or make a large impact that goes beyond my school or community. The Course Hero Knowledge Drive gives me that platform, and I can reach out and help not only my direct community, but the global community as well."

Course Hero’s passion for education has already made a major impact on the educational landscape in The Gambia; 250,000 books shipped is an amazing accomplishment, and as this partnership continues we continue to dream big about what the future holds!