BFA Books Reach 22 Schools in Zambia

A BFA shipment of over 400 boxes of books recently arrived in Zambia!  In partnership with the Ministry of Education and Children in the Wilderness, the books were distributed to 22 schools around the Livingstone area.

Using a truck donated by the Ministry, volunteers spend days loading, transporting and unloading books to deliver them to the recipient schools. At some schools, teachers were so enthusiastic that they began unpacking boxes and stacking shelves immediately!

As CITW reports, “Many schools in Zambia lack educational resources, restricting the opportunity for students to be exposed to reading. Thus, Books For Africa distributions open up valuable opportunities for students to extend their learning.”

Over the past 10 years, BFA has shipped a total of nearly 400,000 books to Zambia. Recipients report that the books have had a positive impact on student grades and literacy levels, and the smiling faces in the pictures we receive speak for themselves!

Check out all our photos from Zambia's latest book distribution!

Zambia CITW 2019