4 teenagers set to change the African child’s prospects through reading

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Four teenagers have decided to help change the prospects of the African child by helping to improve English literacy on the continent through reading. 

They are distributing books to schools in Ghana and Nigeria to ensure there are enough books available to help children learn how to read and write to enhance their academic performance. 

Eline Asase, Azzarree Uwhubetine, Ammirah Uwhubetine and Sedinam Asase who are of Ghanaian and Nigerian origin are based in the USA. 

Realising the low rate of English literacy among pupils in their home countries, they decided to set up a foundation to improve the situation. 

A co-founder of the Child to Child Book Foundation, Sedinam Asase, said they aim to solve the issue of low literacy drive and lack of access to books for children.