Help Better World Books Raise $10,000 for BFA This March

Better World Books has been a partner of BFA since 2008, helping to donate over 5 million books and serving every country in Africa. Better World Books is a triple-bottom-line online bookstore, which means they work equally for people, planet and profit. For each book purchased, Better World Books donates a book to someone in need. They also use revenue to fund literacy organizations like Books For Africa. They also work to divert books from landfills and offer carbon-balanced shipping.

This March, there is a new way to support literacy with each book you purchase! Now at checkout at, you can donate $1.00 per purchase to help raise funds for Books For Africa. Each $1.00 sponsors two books to Africa. This, on top of the 1-to-1 book donation from Better World, means that your purchase can send 3 books to Africa!

Check out more information on Better World Books’ website.