Books For Africa Sends First-Ever Shipment to Algeria Thanks to the Better World Books Fund

This is Books For Africa's first shipment to Algeria, and the shipping was completely funded by the newly established Better World Books Fund for Books For Africa.“I speak for all of my students at Es-Senia University Department of English when I say we are thrilled and thankful to have received in our storehouse the 688 boxes of books from you today. More than 50 of us helped to unload the truck, take pictures, and otherwise celebrate the long awaited arrival of your generous donation. After finding a safe storage room to temporarily put the books before dispatching them to the different university libraries the English club members helped me give a reception for the university workers and all the students who helped in the day's work."Algerians and especially the youth want so much to open up to the world, to learn languages, to visit and share ideas and to have visitors from other countries come also to visit this beautiful country so varied in culture and landscape. Thank you again for trusting us with this wonderful gift of support in learning the English language and enlarging our knowledge of American culture. We will continue to send pictures, newspaper articles and e-mails to keep you up to date with our future activities."Best regards, Martha Schouten and English students, ELF Es-Senia, Oran Algeria”