Bookmobile Project Distributes Books to Rural Schools in Kenya

Books For Africa recently completed a shipment of over 22,000 primary and secondary level books, with a total value of over a quarter million dollars, to the Bookmobile Project, in partnership with Kisii University in Kenya. The shipment consisted of primary and secondary level books that were distributed to over 70 schools in western Kenya. The books will help promote literacy and math skills, and also included supplemental books for teachers to help them implement Kenya’s new Competency-based Curriculum.

According to partner Kisii University, “The community and schools that received the books are extremely excited about the arrival of the high-quality books to their schools.” The University Vice Chancellor applauded the initiative by Books For Africa as “a key strategy towards promoting literacy and ending the book famine in the region.” The University anticipates that academic achievement in the region will improve, and will be tracking how the books are used by the schools and communities that received them.

Kisii University is an active partner of BFA in Kenya. Through this partnership, the university hopes to strengthen its community extension initiatives.

This shipment was part of the more than 3 million books that BFA has shipped to Kenya in the organization’s 30-year history. In its work to end the book famine in Africa, BFA has shipped to all 55 countries on the continent.