Books For Africa to Receive Nearly $10k in World Bank Group Employee Donations and Corporate Matching Funds

The World Bank Group held its Community Connections Campaign in November and December 2020, and recently informed Books For Africa that the campaign resulted in over $3,000 in pledges for the 2021 calendar year from 36 World Bank Group employee donors.

Gifts from World Bank Group employees are being generously matched at 200% by World Bank Group corporate funds, boosting the impact of this campaign to nearly $10,000.

According to Former World Bank Senior Economist Rudi Steinbach:

The acquisition of reading proficiency helps set a critical foundation in children that enables the development of other important cognitive and life skills. According to World Bank data, learning poverty – the inability of children to read and understand simple text by the age of 10 – is a particularly acute challenge in Sub-Saharan Africa, with nearly nine of 10 children in the region considered learning poor. Books For Africa’s initiatives are helping to address this immense literacy challenge by putting books into the hands of those learners in Africa who need them most.

Books For Africa is very pleased to be the recipient of this support and is excited to use it towards its mission of ending the book famine in Africa.