BFA Remembers Former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mpaka

As covered in a recent New York Times article, former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mpaka, passed away on Friday, July 24. Not only was President Mpaka a one-time ambassador to the U.S. and a two-term leader from 1995 to 2005, at a time when the country was undergoing its transition to multiparty democracy and a free-market economy, he was also a friend and supporter of Books For Africa.

(L to R) BFA Executive Director Pat Plonski, Former First Lady Anna Mpaka, BFA Founder Tom Warth, Former President Benjamin Mpaka, and Asratie Teferra, BFA supporter and activity coordinator for Ethiopia and Washington, DC

The President’s wife, Anna Mpaka, hosted a BFA delegation in 2016 at the couple’s home in Dar es Salaam. There, BFA Founder Tom Warth presented Mrs. Mpaka with a ceremonial donation of BFA’s two millionth book to Tanzania.

Said BFA Executive Director Pat Plonski, “We’ve enjoyed working with the late President Mpaka, and sending many books to Tanzania over the years. While we mourn his passing, we recognize and appreciate his support for BFA over the years.”

Tanzanian journal The Citizen also published an article on Anna Mpaka, also known as Mama Mpaka, noting her work helping schools through Books For Africa. 

BFA will be sending a container of books to Tanzania to establish a library in the President’s honor.