BFA Doubles Warehouse Capacity in Atlanta

BFA Doubles Warehouse Capacity in Atlanta

Dr. Pat Plonski,Tom Warth and the Atlanta warehouse staff.

Books For Africa is pleased to announce that we have doubled our book-processing capacity at our Atlanta warehouse. With our new and improved warehouse space, BFA will be more ready than ever to ship even more books, computers and other educational materials to students in Africa.

Patrick Plonski, executive director of BFA, and BFA founder, Tom Warth, traveled to Atlanta to celebrate the warehouse expansion from January 31 and February 1. The two were all smiles as they observed just how many more books will be ready to ship from the new space. 



BFA has sent over 26 million books to 46 countries since our founding in 1988, making us the largest shipper of educational books to Africa in the world. In 2011, we shipped 1.9 million books. With the new space, we expect to send 2.2 million books to Africa in 2012.

BFA expects to increase book shipments from 1.9 million books in 2011 to 2.2 million books in 2012


Everyone at BFA is thrilled to be able to so greatly increase the number of books we send to the children of Africa. “Our mission is to end the book famine in Africa. Books are the key to education and education is the key to building democracy and building economic growth,” Plonski said.