BFA Books Arrive at Eden Campus in South Africa

BFA Books Arrive at Eden Campus in South Africa

Students at Eden Campus in South Africa unload boxes of Books For Africa books.

In celebration of Books For Africa's 20th Anniversary in September 2008, importer MT Global sponsored the shipment of 20,000 books to Eden Campus in South Africa. The container was given an official send-off in the presence of the Honorable Welile Nhlapo, South African Ambassador to the United States.

In February 2009, Eden Campus in South Africa was delighted to host the Books For Africa Cashless Market Day in Karatara's Protea Hall. Suzi Cinderey, Human Capital Manager at Eden Campus, described the scene like this:

"A steady flow of representatives from local schools, libraries, outreach projects, and charities flowed through the hall, collecting free books to take back and share with their organizations. All of them had expressed their surprise at our unexpected offer, 'Free?  Seriously?!!!' but when they stepped through the doors of the hall and saw the extent of the donation, they were truly blown away.  One beneficiary was heard saying, 'It's like all of our Christmases wrapped into one!'

"In the past, many had been invited to book donations only to find motley collections of yellowing, dog-eared paperbacks on offer, but the row after row of pristine hard-backed novels and boxes of modern educational syllabus lined up in the hall were met with joyous disbelief. A really festive atmosphere developed. Forms were filled and cars were loaded up with box after box until only the most obscure items remained. It is lovely to see a young person get distracted by the promise of a good story as they stack a pile of books.

"You can go anywhere and do anything if only you have the power of reading. Reading gives you wings!  Many thanks to Books For Africa for this incredible gift whose effects will be felt throughout the Garden Route."