BFA Supports Education in Uganda with Bega kwa Bega

Books For Africa recently delivered a 40-foot container of assorted text and reference books to partner organization Bega kwa Bega (Shoulder to Shoulder) in Uganda. Bega kwa Bega (BkB) is a charitable organization founded to reach out to vulnerable communities and people. Education is one of the main areas they work in, and Books For Africa was pleased to help them achieve their goals!

The books were distributed to teachers at a BkB development workshop, where the staff sorted books by school and received support on how to integrate the books into their lesson plans. A total of over 2,000 teachers and nearly 55,000 children will be able to make use of these donated books.

Thanks to the work of BkB volunteers, the books reached vulnerable schools in remote villages that cannot afford to purchase similar materials. Books also reached students with special needs, including deaf and autistic children.

BkB USA Board President Conche McGarr, said “Once again we have had the privilege of touching the lives of many children and teachers plus the community at large…. People are really “thirsty” for reading materials but can hardly access them.”

Take a look at the below PowerPoint Presentation slideshow by Les Montgomery from BkB, including more photos, information, and letters from recipients!

Bega kwa Bega