Uganda Project Serves Rural Schools, Orphanages

A container of 22,000 BFA books recently arrived in Uganda, where it was received by local NGO Bega kwa Bega (Shoulder to Shoulder)!  Bega kwa Bega works to help the more than 2.5 million orphans in Uganda find roads to success, and education is an important part of their work.  This container, sponsored by Bread and Water for Africa and Christian Relief Services, has reached over 170 schools, many of which are very remote and had few or no books.  Over 43,000 children will have access to the books supplied by this project!

BKB reports that “Most of the outreach schools which received the books are located in rural areas where the literacy level in men is just over 50%, and in women it is under 45%.  Few schools have power, water, or sanitary facilities…The only physical items available in most classrooms are one bench seat per 6 children, one blackboard and chalk used by the teacher, and perhaps one textbook for every 10 students."

The books were distributed to all parts of the country, despite transportation challenges once the books arrived.  A priority was put on supplying schools with high numbers of female pupils, as well as orphanages and schools that work with special needs children.

BKB Founder and Director Conche McGarr details challenges faced by many students, noting that “Most children find it difficult to learn and master reading skills in English due to a lack of books,” and added that the visually appealing children’s books will help young children “develop an interest in reading at an early age.” 

“Our schools rarely get such an opportunity” McGarr told Bread and Water for Africa, “therefore, this donation will be unforgettable in the lives of the beneficiaries, who will be forever grateful for this kindness.”