A new library for Nedjo!

A new library for Nedjo!


The Nedjo Public Library stays so full of eager students that the staff had to order more chairs after its first month of operation!

A student at Nedjo Public LibraryJust 30 days after opening, a total of 3,926 people had used the library, with 500-600 people visiting each day. It is the first library in Nedjo Town, Oromia Region, Ethiopia. Many of these students had never held a book on their own. Now, they have a beautiful new library filled with books to read.

The 3,000 students who visited the library are not the only community members taking advantage of the resources it holds. 913 teachers (462 of whom were women) visited the library. There, teachers can learn to improve education in Nedjo and expand possibilities for their pupils.

Nedjo Public Library has more than just books: visitors have the rare opportunity to surf the web. In a country where only one-percent of the population uses the internet,* broadband access is invaluable. Of the 594 visitors who logged 550 hours of internet use in the first month of library operations, 337 were female. Learners of all genders and all ages are able to embrace the digital content available on the internet at Nedjo Public Library.Jote Taddese, BFA Board

The whole community is excited to have a place to celebrate reading. More than 700 people attended the Inaugural Ceremony including Jote Taddese, a member of the Books For Africa Board and the Container Captain who helped bring a library to Nedjo.

Thanks to Jote and the Najjo-Jarso Self-Help Foundation for stocking this library’s shelves so generations of students will read, learn, and grow!

*Kelly et al. “Freedom on the Net 2013 – Ethiopia.” Freedom House. Web publication. February 27, 2014. <http://www.freedomhouse.org/report>.