50,000 French and English Books arrive in Senegal

Two containers carrying 50,000 books have been delivered to Peace Corps Volunteers in Senegal thanks to the Sir Emeka Offor Foundation and The Nichols Foundation!  These books are being distributed to schools and libraries across the country, including the "Bibliothèque Maleme Niani," as described below:

Peace Corps volunteer Lauren Thomas tells BFA "thank you again for working with Peace Corps to bring books to rural villages in Senegal. The gift of knowledge is immeasurable and my community gives you many blessings! The villagers of Maleme Niani were eager to learn and grow through eduction, but they lacked the proper resources. Peace Corps and local community group AJSDN partnered to construct a full-functioning library in the joint middle school/high school. The local school not only serves the 3000-person village, but also students from rural villages within a 50km radius. Students and villagers alike are welcome to come and gain knowledge and empowerment through the simple act of checking out a book. The first of its kind in the area, Bibliothèque Maleme Niani will have profound effects on community and youth development."

BFA strives to continue working with our outstanding partners to impact communities such as Maleme Niani across the African continent, furthering our mission of ending the book famine in Africa!