Momentous Month Sees 40 Millionth Book Shipped, 52 Countries Served

In an unprecedented month of activity, Books For Africa has reached two major milestones in November 2017!  

First, the 40 millionth book donated to Africa left our Atlanta Warehouse.  Then, in quick succession, we saw our first ever containers depart to Mauritius, Seychelles, and Libya, bringing us ever closer to our goal of serving every country in Africa!  In pursuit of our mission to end the book famine in Africa, we aim to reach children and students that would not otherwise have an opportunity to hold a book in their hands. 

According to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), 40 percent of school-age children in Africa do not attend school. Forty-six million African children have never set foot in a classroom. Even among those who do attend school, many have never owned a book of their own.  In many classrooms, 10-20 students share a single textbook.

Although we have made tremendous progress in our mission, the book famine in Africa remains a reality. Where books are available, there are still very few. Empty library shelves are a constant reminder of Africa’s desperate need for printed materials. If we are to see the day when African school children are to have the books they need to learn the skills necessary to provide for themselves and others, Books For Africa must continue to send millions of books.  40 million books to 52 countries is a great accomplishment, but also sheds light on how much work there is yet to do.  With over 500 million children in Africa, we have a long way to go before every child has a book to call their own.

Our thanks to all the donors, partners and volunteers who have made this momentous achievement possible!