Books For Africa FY 2022 Recipient Feedback Survey

Books For Africa has completed its seventh consecutive year of enhanced post-shipment feedback surveys! These surveys collect direct feedback from BFA book recipients, allowing us to assess where we have been most successful and where there are opportunities to improve.

This year’s survey received responses from 36 recipients in 13 countries. The survey found that recipients overwhelmingly rate BFA books as useful and of high quality, and the percentage of recipients who received some irrelevant books decreased by 7% this year. Overall, recipients report that less than 5% of BFA books are irrelevant.

Now that we can look back over seven years of data from 249 recipients in 35 countries, we have seen extremely positive trends. the percentage of respondents answering “Strongly Agree” to the statement “The BFA books received will make a positive impact on our learning community” has steadily increased by 18%.

Recipient feedback allows us to make sure we are sending the right high-quality, relevant materials, and that they are being utilized as effectively as possible by recipient schools and libraries. By soliciting recipient feedback, we are able to minimize books that are irrelevant and ensure that the books donated are as useful as possible. Learn more about why we believe books are so important in making a positive impact on education and literacy in Africa.