University of Iringa Shipment Benefits Students, Community at Large

The University of Iringa in Tanzania recently partnered with Books For Africa to deliver a 40 foot container of books to the University Library.  As is often the case with such shipments, the benefits of this project extend well beyond the University students and faculty.

A wonderful report prepared by Rev. Dr. Cornelius Simba, Director of Library Services at the University of Iringa details the extent of this impact – in all 31 schools and community libraries benefitted from this shipment!  

Dr. Simba reports that “The university books were many and useful. We thought we should not keep this knowledge to our university alone. So we decided to give some of the books to other colleges that asked us to assist. We gave the books to Amani Centre in Njombe region. The centre offers various certificate and diploma courses. We also gave the books to Mtwivila community library with the understanding that all type of users will use such a library. Some of the books given to the ELCT, Mwanza for they had a college and wanted the books; and some were given to ELCT, South Central Diocese, Makete, Iringa. The diocese has a teachers training college and asked if we have some books for them. Having books from BFA it was an opportunity to them to have such books.

The distribution process was successful and well received; the report notes that “The immediate feedback as to the quality and usefulness of the books were obvious during distribution. Most representatives of schools appreciated the donation and were very much thankful to you for such valuable resources for students and teachers. The first recipients of books decided even to tell other of the value of the books and to request from us if we still have them.

A key organizational strength of BFA is the relationships we have built over 28 years of working to end the African book famine.  Our operational efficiency is built on a wide network of trusted recipients who have shown the ability to receive and distribute large quantities of books to the schools and libraries where they are needed most – recipients such as Dr. Simba and the University of Iringa.  Dr. Simba’s report concludes on this note, stating that “The hunger for books in our country is still huge. I am very optimistic that you will continue working with me to ensure that the Southern part of Tanzania and other parts of Tanzania as well gets such wonderful donation[s to] enable our children and university students to realize their dreams of quality education.”