The Books For Africa Legacy Society

Legacy Society members support Books For Africa’s mission by including a charitable bequest to Books For Africa in their will. Including Books For Africa in your planned giving will leave a lasting legacy in the fight to end the African book famine.  

Create a living legacy that will last for generations 

The Books For Africa Legacy Society provides the promise of education to children in Africa. Legacy Society Members offer a sustainable, enduring gift of books for generations to come. As a member of the society, Books For Africa recognizes you as a committed donor who has planned to leave a gift in their will (or other legacy gift) to Books For Africa.  

Why Join?

Legacy giving allows Books For Africa to plan for future growth and to increase our books shipped year after year.  A planned gift can: 

  • Maximize donation impact while minimizing financial impact on your estate 
  • Be exempt from estate tax (bequests or beneficiary designations) 
  • Be used to establish a memorial library in your family’s name 

Next Steps 

To make the process of planned giving easy, we’ve partnered with FreeWill to provide this online estate planning tool. It can walk you through writing your will online and helps you make a planned gift of any amount to Books For Africa in your will! 

If you’ve already included Books For Africa in your estate plan, please report your gift here so we can update our records and thank you for building your legacy with us. 

Additionally, if you’d like to donate non-probate assets like an IRA, 401(k), or life insurance policy, you can use this tool to name Books For Africa as a beneficiary to these assets.

If you would like to learn more, please call or email Erin Moran at 651-393-7051 or We will provide a welcome letter and include correspondence and events for our top donors so that you can see the impacts of your future giving, today!

Current Legacy Society Members

  • Tom Suydam
  • Peg Winston
  • Allen Hope
  • The Estate of Joan Ellen Viener
  • Cheryl Searls
  • Robert Gobbi
  • Lamin & Awa Dibba
  • Michael Henley & Randi Yoder
  • Win Barnard
  • Kathleen Tilford
  • Richard Deuel
  • Tom Warth & Zantha LaFon Warth
  • Henry Bromelkamp & Jeff Nelson
  • The Estate of Seth Eggessa
  • William Klaila & Barbara Leibundguth
  • Frank Babka
  • Vincent Barton
  • Marybeth Nelson
  • Robert Kraske
  • Carole Patrikakos
  • Patrick Plonski & Judy Hawkinson
  • Nancy Johnson & Michael Addy
  • Lane Ayres & Marion McNurlen
  • Judith D. Klingsick
  • Catherine Mayer
  • Perry Mitchell & Pam Woodley
  • Clare Mather
  • The Estate of Genevieve Conroy
  • The Estate of Lucy Gery