Tanzania Projects

International Medical and Technological University (Naidu Katuri) - Tanzania

Currently in Tanzania there is one doctor for every 40,000 people, compared to a doctor for every 400 people in advanced Western countries. At a time when medical professionals are critically needed in Tanzania, the IMTU now produces more than 250 medical doctors (M.D’s), 50 super specialists in various medical disciplines, 100 nursing professionals and 100 medical equipment technicians every year. The University continues its steadfast mission for the progress of medical education and…

Poverty Eradication Network - Trust—Tanzania

Poverty Eradication Network Trust is a non governmental organization formed in 2004, based in central Tanzania in East Africa. Our main focus is to serve the needy through education, nutrition and micro development projects. We do this through educational scholarships, construction of schools, distribution books and school supplies, formation of seed cooperatives and distribution of fortified rice meals.

The Elsey Kirabo Memorial Library Project

Elsey Kirabo was born to Ugandan parents (in the U.S.) and joined our (the Peterson) family as an infant.  She was born with "designer genes" (more commonly referred to as Down Syndrome). Elsey had an outgoing personality and the ability to make everyone she met smile.  Kirabo means gift in the Lugandan language, and she truly was a gift and a blessing to all who knew her in her 11 years of life.  Elsey was an avid swimmer and dancer, and preferred to go by "snugglebunny," "sweetheart," or…