Zambezi Schoolbook Project (Claude and Barbara Mayfield) - Zimbabwe

Project Goal: $16,000

Current Progress: $16,050 (100.00%)

Zambezi Schoolbook Project has shipped more than 1.4 million books from Books For Africa to establish 300+ rural school libraries reaching more than 60 thousand young learners all around Zimbabwe. This momentum can continue with your contribution to the next container being planned for shipment.

"I love this book so much I would give it as a gift to my friend, my child, my grandchild"
-Sheryl Merrey, Pilot International Project Book Drive Coordinator

That is the spirit that validates the massive effort and cost of bringing books from the U.S.A. all the way into remote schools and villages for children in Zimbabwe. Zambezi Schoolbook Project has progressed from a focus on libraries for rural and isolated schools and villages to now include schools, orphanages, hospitals and disability centers, and child rescue projects in any location in Zimbabwe who have a determination to have a library and no other way to achieve one. The value of a library lies in the quality of it's books and their suitability for it's readers, and how it is managed to serve those readers for the long term. This project seeks to optimize the value of the investment in these libraries by so many project participants in America and in Zimbabwe.

In the U.S.A., high quality leisure reading and educational books for children of all ages (especially the youngest readers) augment the deep book resources of Books For Africa. School clubs such as Anchors Club and Beta Club, civic organizations such as Pilots International, school libraries and individuals are sharing their best loved books with children who have not before experienced reading for pleasure.

Claude and Barbara Mayfield of Roswell, GA, U.S.A., have developed Zambezi Schoolbook Project, over years of direct participation in Zimbabwe, through progressively engaging resourceful groups there who are already involved with community uplift, including education, to help these schools and communities develop libraries for children and adult literacy.

In Zimbabwe, Rotary Club of Harare West are the primary partner for import, logistics and administration as well as sponsoring schools themselves, and also incorporate Miracle Missions Trust activities countrywide. Children In The Wilderness in Victoria Falls operate the project in the Matabeleland North and South Provinces.  African Wildlife Conservation Fund cover some 123 schools in the southeastern lowveld from their Save' Valley headquarters.  Padenga Holdings Ltd. incorporate this project into their community service for schools in the downstream Lake Kariba area.

Do you want to be a part of changing the life of children in far away Zimbabwe through what may be taken for granted here, books?  Your donation will do just that!  Your support will allow us to deliver books to the school, community, orphanage, hospital or disability center, or child rescue project in Zimbabwe, where they will become part of a functioning library for deserving readers.

Contributions given to the project on this page will go toward this shipping cost, which is now receiving donations for the next sea container carrying as many as 50 thousand early reader books, and your participation in this way makes everything else possible.

You can see much more detail about the project on it's website,, and Facebook page,, including current events.
Claude and Barbara Mayfield