Zimbabwe Projects

Beitbridge, Zimbabwe (Cheryl Naja) - Zimbabwe

In the town of Beitbridge, Zimbabwe, sits an empty structure with empty shelves.  Outside its walls, a population of 22,000 lives in some of the world’s most rampant poverty.  Because of its position on Zimbabwe’s South African border, many adults in Beitbridge rely on diamond mining, illicit trade and sex trafficking for income.  Besides having limited access to basic necessities, parents in Beitbridge have little hope for the future of their children.  Educational resources, including books…

Zambezi Schoolbook Project (Claude and Barbara Mayfield) - Zimbabwe

Zambezi Schoolbook Project, founded and operated by Claude and Barbara Mayfield of Roswell, GA, USA, is the outcome of years of efforts to improve educational opportunities for isolated students in the Zambezi Valley of southern Africa.  Please be a part of this developing success by clicking on the "Donate Now" button.

Books For Nyamacheni Gokwe Secondary School (Sundip & Jigna Naik) - Zimbabwe

Nyamacheni Secondary School is a pillar to progressing society in the remote area / town of Gokwe (est. population of 20,000).  The very small 2x2 classroom has progressed very well.  A new classroom being built will benefit the school as well as the community.  With numerous imports on books being banned (for commercial sales etc), there is an acute shortage of the most basic of books.