St. Jude Family Projects (Daniel Aliddeki Kizza Ssajjabi) - Uganda

Project Goal: $34,200

Current Progress: $2,795 (8.00%)

Books are needed for the new Primary and Secondary Schools that will be set up soon at the St Jude Farm in Masaka, Uganda.  In existence already is an Agricultural training institute that badly needs a library. St Jude receives farmers of different age groups with cross cutting issues caused by the rising poverty, which ultimately stems from the lack of proper education.  Therefore, we deemed it most important to invest in schools,  focusing specifically on imparting vocational and practical skills to local youths.  

The establishment of a community library for the masses to develop a reading culture hence promoting awareness among communities. Working with schools, reinforcing them with libraries, scholastic materials and educational facilities, will help with keeping the students in school and reducing school dropout incidences. 

Successful completion of this project will result in:

- Providing library facilities for the yet to be schools (Primary and Secondary sections)
-Improving the teaching of science and math
-Improving English literacy standards in school
-Improving Agricultural skills and Technology courses
-Stocking Shelves at our new Agricultural College

In addition to benefitting students and staff, this project will establish a community library for the surrounding communities to read and avail themselves with the necessary knowledge.  The library will be free and open to the entire community.

Your donation will put high quality, much needed books in the hands of those who need them.  Thank you for your support!

Contact: Daniel Aliddeki Kizza Ssajjabi;