St. Jude Family Projects (Daniel Aliddeki Kizza Ssajjabi) - Uganda

Books are needed for the new Primary and Secondary Schools that will be set up soon at the St Jude Farm in Masaka, Uganda.  In existence already is an Agricultural training institute that badly needs a library. St Jude receives farmers of different age groups with cross cutting issues caused by the rising poverty, which ultimately stems from the lack of proper education.  Therefore, we deemed it most important to invest in schools,  focusing specifically on imparting vocational and practical…

Unite for Uganda (Erin Bagniewski) - Uganda

Join us in making a lasting impact in Uganda! We're a passionate group of small nonprofits and NGOs from Minnesota collaborating to bring positive change to schools and communities across Uganda. From the heart of Jinja's community schools to the knowledge hub of a Law Library and reaching schools in the Rwapara District of Southwestern Uganda, our mission is clear - to foster a culture of literacy and ensure every child in Uganda has access to books.